Angle Homes is dedicated to building more than homes. We’re building communities. Angle Homes is focused on helping others to align with the belief that “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away” - It’s a wonderful life.


Organizations that Angle Homes has had the privilege of giving to in the past include:

One Life at a Time

Angle homes is a dedicated donor to ​One Life at a Time (​)​. ​One Life at a Time​ is an international network in 6 countries, dedicated to providing education in an effort to break the cycle of  poverty and to facilitate self-reliance. Students are given the opportunity and skills to break  poverty cycles that have burdened their families for generations.  ​One Life​ has two schools in Honduras educating around 1100 students annually.  
As builders, we believe everyone deserves access to the tools to build a more joyful and fulfilling life.  

Families Helping Families

Angle homes is dedicated to building beautiful homes, a place for families to have peace and  comfort. Angle Homes also believes in helping the less fortunate and feels every family needs a  place to call home. Families Helping Families (FHF Mexico, Inc. )  builds houses in Mexico for families in need. Angle homes has contributed financially to FHF  and the owners of Angle Homes have taken their families down to mexico personally to labor  and build these homes. Everyone deserves a place to call home!

Youth Basketball League

Angle Homes sponsors the City of Kingman’s Youth Basketball League. As a family owned  company we know the value of team work and Leadership. We believe that sports, like  Kingman’s youth basketball program, teach our kids the fundamentals of teamwork,  leadership, resilience, and more. What better way to celebrate these virtues than to make it a  game the whole community can cheer on? Go, team! Go!


Angle Homes proudly sponsors ArtHub ( 

In 2014 Angle Homes was one of the first to begin revitalization efforts downtown. We renovated and restored part of the historic Central Commercial building and transformed it into the ArtHub, a beacon for the arts in Downtown Kingman.
Since 2014 Angle Homes has fully sponsored the ArtHub. 
ArtHub has hosted creatives from around the world including Ireland, Korea, and China. The goal of ArtHub is to help revitalize the arts, create, inspire, and share with the community through local partnerships and community events.
If you find yourself walking along Beale Street, peek into the studio windows to see what new color and creations are on the walls.
Angle Home knows that when the arts are alive, the community is alive.

Cecil Davis Park Splash Pad

Angle Homes sponsored and helped fund the Cecil Davis Park Splash Pad in Kingman, AZ. If  you haven’t heard, summers can get pretty toasty here in the desert. The Splash Pad provides  and playful oasis giving families a break from the heat with water fountains, a safe play area, a picnic zone, and a shelter. Bring the kids, bring snacks, bring some water to stay hydrated and  then prepare to get splashed! 

Giving in the Grand Canyon

The Havasupai tribe is isolated from 21st-century conveniences. National Geographic once  called this area the “Shangri-La of the Grand Canyon.” Doug Angle (Founder and owner of  Angle Homes) put together a project to serve the Havasupai tribe, donating time, money, and resources to help fix and repair run down homes within the Havasupai community. Part of this  service project included building a chapel for the tribe. Not easy when the only way to get  supplies and food down is by horse or helicopter.