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Angle Homes' Story

Doug Angle, the founder of Angle Homes, began building as a young man with his father in the 1970's and continued to build intermittently through the years. He acquired a degree in Accounting from Arizona State University and then worked for several hospitals, eventually becoming the CFO of Kingman Regional Medical Center. His love for construction was pulling him towards building homes, but he hesitated to become a builder because there seemed to be a lot of complaints about the local builders from unhappy homeowners in Kingman. Doug did not want to be one of those builders that had many upset customers. Over time, Doug decided that it was possible to build homes and keep customers happy. In 1996 he made the leap from being a CFO to being a Home Builder. Since that time, the goal of Angle Homes has been to keep our customers happy. Honesty, Quality, and Service drives Angle Homes to give back to the community and keep a healthy family business serving the area for years to come.

Our Product

We have a different philosophy than many of the larger national builders. These other builders have a low base price for a bare bones home, but charge a large fee for many things that most home buyers would want in a house. Sometimes a properly outfitted home from a production builder can be $30,000 to $40,000 higher than the advertised price.
Angle Homes is different. We build homes to INCLUDE many features as standard that most home buyers want in a home. Some of these “upgraded” features are:


Angle Homes Standards National Builders
2 x 6 walls - most models 2 x 4 walls
Ceiling Fans with lights in all bedrooms Upgrade charge
Phone and cable in all bedrooms Upgrade charge
Finished garages Upgrade charge
Two tone paint interior and exterior Upgrade charge
Tile floors Upgrade charge
Lifted ceilings - some models Upgrade charge
Stone accents - most models Upgrade charge
Fireplace- some models Upgrade charge
Granite counters - most models Upgrade charge


Locally Owned and Operated

The team at Angle Homes lives and works in Kingman. We want to be good neighbors in our community. We see our customers at local stores, restaurants, and our children go to school and church together. We have lived in Kingman since 1990; we have many friends in the community and want our community to grow in a way that is beneficial to all. We have given back to the community by supporting many Boy Scouts activities, Eagle Scout projects, community school improvement projects, a local art center called the Kingman Art Hub, and even assisting with volunteer building projects on the local Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon.


Angle Homes is not spread out like the other large builders. We are only focused on building in our home community of Mohave County. Through the downturn of the economy, we survived and continued to serve our customers as other builders left town or shut their doors. This proves our commitment to take care of, and serve, our homeowners for the long haul.


Angle Homes has been building homes in Kingman, AZ since 1996. Our expertise covers all levels of residential construction; from smaller economical homes to large luxury homes, we have the knowledge and resources to meet your needs. Our homes stand for and represent our quality and eye for detail.​

Track Record

We have built over 2,000 homes in Kingman, with dozens of repeat customers. We use only professional, licensed, bonded, and insured subcontractors.

Unique Benefits from Angle Homes

One of our customers' favorite benefits of building with us is our online system that allows 24/7 access to live information on their new home. This information includes a live construction calendar, construction photos of the progress on the home, floor plans, and change order details and notifications. This is one of the many ways that we keep the lines of communication open with our customers.

We, Will, Take Care of You

We are the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Preferred Builder for Northwest Arizona and provide the 2-10 Warranty at no charge to all of our new customers. Extended warranties can also be purchase through 2-10. You can read more about the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty here, or watch this short video presentation.



Why Building New is Better

Building a new home makes so much more sense than buying a used one. Watch these two videos for a quick explanation as to why that is!