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Energy Efficient Homes

How We Build So You Can Save

Instead of charging you extra like some of the national builders, these features come standard in an Angle Home. We want our customers to have the best new home possible.

    Feature 1 Ply Gem Energy Efficient Windows

  • Every window is reliable and efficient. They provide features like argon gas fill between panes, convenient slimline frame depth, and energy-efficient low-E warm edge insulating glass for enhanced energy performance.

    Argon Gas Fill
    ArgonArgon is a safe, odorless, colorless, naturally occurring gas, which is denser than air (40%* denser than air). When used in conjunction with Low-E glass, argon provides better insulation because heat and cold do not pass through argon gas as easily as through air, providing better performance. Argon is non-toxic and presents no human health or environmental concerns ("")

  • Feature 2 14-Seer Air Conditioning

  • Efficiency rating meets or exceeds 14.00 SEER—which can save you hundreds of dollars a year, compared to a standard air conditioner. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), an energy efficiency rating for air conditioners. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit.

  • Feature 3 2 x 6 Exterior wall Construction

  • Most builders now use 2x4 studs for exterior wall construction. Except for our two smallest homes, we use 2x6 studs for exterior wall construction to maximize stability and wall space for insulation.

  • Feature 4 R-23 (23.32) Insulation in livable Area Walls

  • Around R-23 (23.32) insulation in livable Area exterior walls (3000+ sq ft models have blown in insulation)

    • Batt insulation R-19

    • Polystyrene insulation estimated R value 3.85 per inch

    • ½” Drywall estimated R value .45

    • Stucco estimated R value .025 (Exterior coat cement mixture, The Advantages of stucco: Makes home comfortable by reducing air infiltration, Reduces sound transmission, and Longevity in AZ climate)
  • Feature 5 R-38 Attic Insulation

  • Feature 6 Insulation in garage

  • Many builders leave the garage unfinished. Not only do we finish the garage but we insulate the garage walls and ceiling in all of our models 1400 square feet or larger

  • Feature 7 Mastic sealed duct system

  • What better way to save energy, than to seal the duct system so conditioned air blows into your home and not the attic.

  • Feature 8 Solar power is an available option

  • Solar power does not come standard on each home, howerver many home buyers choose to add this options to dramatically reduce if not eliminate their electric bill.

  • Feature 9 LED can lights in Kitchen

  • This high efficiency Energy Star LED Trim provides year-round energy savings.

    - Save on bulb replacement up to 50,000 hours lamp life

    - IC rated for direct contact with insulation

    - 65-Watt bulb equivalent light output - 11-Watt energy used

  • Feature 10 Polysealed infiltration gaps